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We take a deep dive into your business and look at things from the ground up. We figure out how we can improve your business in every way so your business can truly operate at it's best.

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Free Society Salon, Oregon

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Everything starts with your brand.

We dive deep in order to understand your challenges and opportunities thoroughly. The discovery phase involves gathering information, facts, and data related to your business. This step is crucial to understanding your problems or opportunities thoroughly. During the discovery phase, we will seek to identify the goals, constraints, stakeholders, and any relevant background information. 

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SoDown Wine Co, Oregon

It's our job to understand your needs.

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The Analysis Phase is where the consultant works closely with the client to thoroughly analyze the client's needs, challenges, and opportunities. It involves gathering information, conducting assessments, and identifying key areas for improvement or strategic interventions.

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Butcher & Bird
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Butcher & Bird, Hawaii

We then present solutions based on our findings.

We present actionable recommendations based on the findings and analysis conducted in earlier phases. This phase provides valuable insights, strategies, and action plans that address the identified challenges and leverage the opportunities identified during the analysis phase.

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Falling Sky Brewing, Oregon

Then, we develop your assets & implement your plans.

The recommendations and action plans developed in earlier phases are put into practice. This phase involves the actual execution of strategies, initiatives, and changes identified during the consulting engagement.

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It works for our clients, let us work for you.

Seriously though, give us a ring, shoot us an email, direct message us, however you want to track us down. 

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