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We begin our onboarding process with an initial Strategy/Organizational meeting to gain a better understanding of your goals in the Social Media space. In this meeting we brainstorm and discuss the possibilities for your brand’s presence as far as platforms, posting, content creation, and general setup before we go off and create a Strategy plan moving forward.


Our team will work to develop a detailed plan for your accounts at whatever level your brand requires. This plan will include: Content Pillars that will make up the basis of your Content Calendar on a Monthly Basis, An Audience Evaluation that details the pain points of your target consumer, and a comprehensive outline of the Strategy we think will be most effective for your specific account. 

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With the Light-Handed Plan, we will provide 3 posts per 2 platforms a week, totaling ~18 posts per month. These posts will be made up of 3 different mediums: Main Feed Posts, Reels, and Stories. Each medium has different effects on engagement within the algorithm, which will be explained in monthly Strategy sessions as we review the months prior. 

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